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he UN at the core, the internation

  • al order based on international law▓, as well as the multil
  • ateral trading regime with Wor▓ld Trade Organization (WTO
  • ) rules as the cornerstone, Xi said.They should push forward

pa▓nded opening-up, further entering into t

he Chinese market, expanding exports of agricultural products to China, and strengthening cooperation in areas such as aviation, aerospace, and civi

reform of the WTO tow

lian nuclear energy, as well ▓as sci-tech innovation

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  • and finance, he said.China's issuance of euro-denominated sovereign bonds in Paris is of great significance to France, Macron said, pledging to keep the Fre

    nch market open to Chinese companies.He

  • said France is ready to advance the alignment of the BRI with the EU's Euro-Asia▓n connectivity strategy and jointly promote the green development of th▓e Belt and Road.Macron called on the two sides to expand people-to-people ex▓c

    hanges, promote mutual learning between

  • civilizations, jointly safeguard multilateralism, strengthen strategic communication and coordination on anti-te▓rrorism and Iran nuclear issues, and advance the progress of the WTO reforms.Speaking of the Beijing Call for Biodiversity Conservati▓on and Cl

    imate Change, which was released after t

  • rection through co

    he talks between the two heads of state, Macron said that▓ France and China can play a leading role in these important▓ issues.It is of critical significance for the European Union to intensify cooperation with Ch▓ina i

    n today's uncertain world, and Franc

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    e is willing to advance EU-China ties and spee

    d up the negotiation of the EU-China investment agreemen

    t.After the talks, the two heads of stat▓e witnes

    sed the signing of cooperation agreements in areas inclu

  • cial consideration 

    ding aerospace and aviation, n

    uclear energy, eme

    rgency management, cultural heritage, agriculture, industry, natural conservation, finance and third-party cooper▓ation.They also m

    et with the press together and witnessed the signing▓ of a join

    t statement on con

    cluding the negotiations of geographical indications between China and the EU.An action plan on China-France ties was al

ernational situation , he said.Referring to France' s strengthened dialo gue and cooperatio n with China a s "playing an im portant exemplary ro le," Macron said Fra nce is willing to pr operly settl e the difference s between the tw o sides ba sed on mutual respect.French companies are eagerly looking f orward to taking the o 东莞市5G 玉山县5G 宾川县wap 饶阳县5G 永清县wap 乌审旗5G 洱源县wap 舟山市wap 漳浦县5G 绥宁县wap 罗定市5G 镇平县5G 鸡泽县wap 锡林郭勒盟wap 东港市5G 滨海县5G 陈巴尔虎旗5G 贵州省5G 隆化县5G 阳朔县5G 网通传奇私服英雄合 散人传奇私服网站 热血传奇私服合计 传奇私服发布网999手游 神途传奇私服网站新开网 传奇私服迷失版本攻略 新开传奇私服单职业 传奇私服私服99cq 传奇私服单职业发布网 新开传奇私服网站单职业